Monday, December 20, 2004

With God On Their Side

I can remember the ridicule heaped on the head of busy-body Mary Whitehouse when she wanted Python's Life of Brian banned on the grounds of blasphemy. Well frankly, these people deserve the same. There are so many people who want to force their faith on the rest of us... and many of them have the sort of levels of intolerance that beggar belief. Last week on the radio I heard someone calling for a law against religious persecution who, when challenged on the attitude of the catholic church to homosexuality nearly blew his gasket. If a religion is not strong enough to stand its ground against a book, play or film, it has got big, big problems.

Tony Blair says we must maintain the right to detain foreign people without charge (or even telling them what is alleged against them) "on the advice of the security services". Yes... well... that will convince everyone I suppose.