Thursday, March 03, 2005

Andy Hamilton is a jazz legend in Birmingham. He is 87 years old, and has been leading jazz bands in the City for nearly 60 years. Before that he was musical director on Errol Flynn's yacht. Andy also encourages and nurtures young jazz musicians. Last week in Bearwood he introduced a 14-year old saxophonist and a 16-year old trumpet player, and they were terrific. Now, for the sake of a few measley quid his Sunday lunchtime jam sessions at The Drum have been axed. Come on, John Hemming... the City is proud enough of Andy to herald his achievements, so why not dip in the City coffers to keep Andy's sessions going, and who knows, he might let you on stage to jam. Anyway, tonight we're off to Bearwood Jazz to see Andy and Russian saxophonist, Oleg Kireyev.