Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I was uneasy about the 'A Very Social Secretary' programme on Monday night. I chose to watch it over the new Ray Winston drama on 4 and I taped the programme about the Camp David talks on BBC2. So, I must have wanted to watch it. Yet, after 15 minutes or so, I turned it off. Now I realise exactly what I didn't like. Not that I felt any particular sympathy for a Minister making a fool of himself and being lampooned, nor the fact that it seemed like a series of Rory Bremner sketches... but that the joke was... Blunkett is blind. Even in the short time I watched it was inconceivable that many of the jokes (jibes) would have made it into a programme about any other public figure having a relationship with a married woman.

Lee Jasper on Trevor Phillips
: "Any CRE chair who does not know if councils should print documents in more than one language, or whether "coloured" is an appropriate term, or whether holy days should be respected wherever possible, should seriously consider whether he is in the right job." I agree with Jasper. However, when I worked in Walsall once residents would refer to the 'coloured girl' because they were trying to avoid being rude. They thought the term black was offensive.