Saturday, July 24, 2004

BykerSink is on the move

Those of you who regularly follow the comments in this blog, and many others, will be familiar with the socialist PR man from the North East (no, I don't mean Peter Mandelson) BykerSink, whose blogsite Its Wrong to Wish on Space Hardware is consistently provocative, occasionally very personal, and always excellent reading. Well, after months of prolonged agony, Byker has finally got his VSO appointment and he's off to Vietnam. He will carry on posting on Space Hardware, but because of the political content of many of the posts, and the sensitive political nature of his VSO position and the Vietnamese government, Byker is starting up a new blog detailing his Vietnam experiences at Our Man in Hanoi. If you haven't already done so, link to the new site and keep a dialogue going when Byker moves on September 3rd... we don't want the lad getting lonely now, do we.