Thursday, July 22, 2004

The stars are beginning to hide

The WMD argument rapidly descended into farce as it became obvious to everyone that the reason Scott Ritter and Hans Blix had such doubts was because Hussein did not actually possess any WMD. Determined to justify the war on humanitarian grounds, Blair shifted the emphasis to the 'hundreds of thousands" of Iraqis slaughtered and buried in mass graves, as witnessed by his special envoy, Ann Clywd who told of "over 60 mass graves" and her distress at visiting one site where "up to 15,000 bodies" were believed to be buried. Blair himself told the Labour Party website that the remains of "400,000 bodies" had been discovered in mass graves. All very good emotional responses to those who opposed "regime change" on legalistic grounds. Unfortunately, it would appear there has been a more than a bit of "sexing upwards" of the body count too.