Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A pint, a pint, my kingdom for...

I love going on holiday to warmer climes. Yes, I know, all the warnings about skin cancer etc are very worrying, but when you live in a country where grey is the natural colour, a few weeks abroad soaking up the warmth does wonders for me. Except... I cannot get used to very fizzy keg or bottled ale, and an 'old' Labour person like me needs a good pint with a smooth head, not a glass of cold fizzy pop. So, I've been drooling over The Guardian's online 'virtual' beer festival.

Also in The Guardian, George Monbiot highlights the trend towards increased authoritarianism in response to T.W.A.T.. Isn't this the very sort of thing Orwell predicted in 1984? A mystery enemy that you cannot see and cannot defeat allows Big Brother to keep the proles quiet and fearful.