Monday, February 21, 2005

Last night we went to Warwick Arts Centre to see the African Soul Rebels tour. A terrific concert, starting with the hypnotic blues rhythms of the Toureg tribesmen (and one woman) Tinariwen. Next up were Senegalese hip hop rappers Daara J. Not entirely my cup of tea but real high energy stuff. My daughter Sian liked them best and before long she had forged her way to the front of the stage. Finally, Rachid Taha, an Algerian Rock n' Rai singer who looks like a cross between Pacino's Frank Serpico and early Bruce Springsteen, and the togetherness and fun of the band has strong echoes of The Boss. Three great acts... for less than £15, and the only sad thing was the fact the hall was nowhere near sold out. When you consider that Birmingham City want to charge £45 to watch a bunch of overpaid prima donnas ponce around for 90 minutes, the African Soul Rebels are real value for money. Still chance to catch them if you can get to Gateshead, Edinburgh,Shrewsbury, Leicester and London.