Monday, June 27, 2005

As I move inside from the sun kissed beaches of Essaouira, I note that New Labour whips are supposed to be threatening dissident backbenchers that they will withhold all-expenses-paid official trips to exotic locations unless they promise to toe the line. Given how cheaply me & Mrs P. have been able to spend a week in Morocco watching one of the world's great music festivals, I have to say this has the smack of an empty threat about it. Anyway, tomorrow, tanned, relaxed, rested up and recovered from an early dose of Montazuma's Revenge, I will return from this short break fully invigorated. (I hasten to add that this trip was not a fact finding freebie courtesy of the Sandwell taxpayers in order to investigate the possibilities of a festival in the desert just outside of Rowley Regis)