Thursday, June 30, 2005

Farewell to Essaouira! Sunset from our flat.

Islamic terrorists attack the US. Iraq did not carry out attacks against the US, despite a decade of bombing raids over Iraq by US aircraft. The US invades Iraq. Those who resist and oppose this invasion are dubbed terrorists. The war in Iraq is therefore part of The War Against Terrorism (T.W.A.T.). Truth is lies. Black is white. War is peace. Bush repeats the spurious link between September 11th and the war in Iraq.

If Michael White is to be believed then the Campaign Group look set to compromise over ID cards. What surprises me is the notion that the cost issues outweigh the civil liberty issues. Personally I'm not unhappy about some form of ID card which allows me to verify my credit transactions and rent a DVD, but the sort of Big Brother approach being suggested in the Bill goes much further than that... and the notion of tying it in to the aforementioned T.W.A.T. makes it even more scary. Not a scientific poll I know, but the responses to Tom's blog survey suggest both cost and civil liberties are significant.

A pretty good map search and route planner.

In the pre-general election quiz I was exposed as a closet Lib Dem. Just about as accurate as this one which tells me I act 30! My MP would never accuse me of being that mature.