Monday, August 01, 2005

Inclement weather in Birmingham.... but apparently, no storm!

The Tory/Lib dem coalition are kicking up a fuss over the storm. Perhaps using it as a good week to bury the bad news that they have wasted £150,000 of the electorate's money and 12 months carrying out a feasibility study into a Birmingham underground system that the world and its dog could have told them was a total non-starter.

He may appeal to somebody, but surely Lee, it's time to grow up. Don't be a jerk all of your life.

If you were wondering why the Reverend Ian Paisley doesn't welcome the IRA's recent statement that it is committed to peaceful means, don't rule out enlightened self-interest. As many a Council leader will tell you, it pays to keep an eye on the payroll vote. When many of your supporters earn their living from the 'security' forces, you have to try to keep the threat alive or they might get their redundancy checks.