Thursday, September 02, 2004

Another one bites the dust.

You become more aware of your own sense of mortality when people you knew in your youth start to die. I felt a shiver up my spine this morning when I read that Carl Wayne, former lead singer of The Move, had died aged 61. I was never keen on The Move, and Carl Wayne was far too much of the ‘oily pop star’ for my liking, but I did used to see him in his pre-Move days as the frontman for Carl Wayne and the Vikings. Way back in the mists of time I recall seeing them as support for The Kinks at the Carlton Ballroom (later re-named Mothers, a hippy venue of some repute where The Pink Floyd recorded the live bits of Ummagumma) on the very night that ‘You Really Got Me’ made it to No.1. That sense of doom came looming large again when I thought of that, because Dave Davies of The Kinks has also had a spot of bother with his health recently. I think I'll pop along for a health check-up.

Carl Wayne (centre) with his Vikings Posted by Hello