Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Heaven knows I'm miserable now

I hate the winter. I detest the cold and the damp and the fact that you go to work in the dark, and when you come home it’s dark again. I loathe snow. Whereas other kids would roll around having fun in the stuff I would retreat indoors and only go out if it was absolutely necessary. My kids didn’t inherit this loathing, and couldn’t understand why their dad didn’t join in with the sledging and snowballing like other kids dads did with wild abandon. Now, to make matters even more miserable as we enter the countdown to winter, I’ve done my back in somehow. My GP has given me an appointment a week away (how’s that for reducing waiting times, Tone) and over the last few days I’ve had acupuncture from a Chinese health shop and been x-rayed and beaten up by a chiropractor… and it is still bloody agony and I’m dying from sleep deprivation. Coupled with my daughter leaving for University… heaven knows, I’m miserable now.