Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Could we shortly be about to hear more about that 'dodgy' intelligence. At the weekend we kept being told about "up to 5,000" insurgents controlling Fallujah and they were "terrorising" the local population.... but not to worry because the US and their puppet Iraqi army forces had "thrown a ring of steel" around Fallujah and were preparing to flush them out. Tonight's news seems to be wavering and the 'intelligence experts' are saying there may only be a small handfull of insurgents fighting a rearguard action, and the ringleaders have probably slipped away (some ring of steel, that eh?)

Am I the only one who feels nauseated when he hears our brave, free and independent news channels matter-of-factly introduce the latest reports from Iraq with the words, "...speaking under the usual reporting restrictions".

One of the 49% on the excellent Sorry Everybody ... but as Manic says, be careful about posting your pic there because you never know who's watching.