Monday, November 29, 2004

Wissable, highly wissable

Newcastle United Chairman, Freddie Shepherd, claims Man Ure have "lost their way, on and off the field." Now, I cannot stand the glory hunters, or their team, but they have dominated football in this country over the last decade.... and they are currently sailing away from the under achieving geordies... and the last time Newcastle won a major domestic trophy, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister! Bet your advice will be heeded, Freddie.

Blair has at least treated the tittle-tattle about Blunkett at the nonsense that it is, unlike Michael Howard who showed Boris the door for his private indescretions (or for being more popular than him?). Still, if you can mislead a nation into going to war over weapons of mass destruction and 45-minute warnings of armaggedon and not a single person resigns, I suppose the odd leg-over pales into insignificance.