Monday, November 08, 2004

With God on their side...

The BBC reports US attack on 'rebel' stronghold. Alternatively, over on ZNet David Edwards describes the media manipulation in legitimising mass slaughter. Rumsfeld on the BBC demonstrates once again his crass ignorance (or barefaced lies...take your pick) by describing the people in Falluja as remnants of the Saddam Hussein regime. In reality Falluja was somewhere Saddam was deeply detested because of his attacks on the clerics... and it was one of the least likely places Saddam followers would have sought refuge. The reality, which the invasion forces have seemingly failed to grasp, is that Iraqis may well have welcomed democracy, but Allawi's CIA regime is not democracy.

Meanwhile, the Israeli press scrapes a barrel that Murdoch will no doubt dip his sticky spoon into before long.