Saturday, January 08, 2005

Internment without trial for suspected bankrobbers? Not even Blunkett suggested that!

"..Neither Hugh Orde nor the Government has any interest in framing the republicans. On the contrary, this revelation is a source of acute embarrassment for the Prime Minister."

Leaving aside the fact that the British media, including the BBC who are not supposed to have a 'political' stance, have swallowed what Hugh Orde said about the IRA without a jot of supporting evidence, is it not also possible that other people may have a vested interest in 'fitting up' the IRA? Loyalists, of course, dissident republicans possibly... or the British Intelligence service, deeply wounded over Iraq and facing redundancy if their playground in Ireland is taken away? If Hugh Orde is basing his claims on the evidence of people who informed us that we could be under attack from non-existant weapons of mass destruction in less than an hour, should the media and the public not be reaching for a pinch of salt?