Friday, January 21, 2005

Shock eh? Rat leaves sinking ship!

Just remember this... although a hung parliament is only in Cheesie Charlie's dreams
Letter in The Guardian:

"I'm delighted to answer Mr Smith's question about hung parliaments (Letters, January 19). I am quite clear that the Lib Dems will fight this election on an independent ticket. We will put forward our own policies for government and we would not prop up an unpopular Labour administration which had lost a three-figure majority.

But I am equally clear that there is no question of joining forces with the Conservatives. There is little in their emerging policy platform which I agree with, and there is an irrevocable divide between us on the issue of Europe. If you vote for the Lib Dems at the next election, you will vote positively for us; and I suggest that if there had been more Liberal Democrat MPs in this parliament, with a smaller Labour majority, our opposition could have averted the disastrous entanglement in Iraq."

Charles Kennedy
Leader, Liberal Democrats

Tell that to the Lib Dem voters in Birmingham who saw their votes go to a Lib Dem/Tory coalition!