Monday, November 13, 2006

Smack it to them one more time...

Following on from the previous piece relating to David Davis' press release (oops, sorry, I mean Iain Dale's blog piece) about prisoners receiving compensation for ill-treatment, Iain's comment page on this item is a cracker. The comments vary from the apoplectic outraged Tory backwoodsmen through to people putting forward some rational pieces about the inadequacy of David Davis's response... the best of which is from jaihouselawyer, who actually knows what he is talking about:
Reid may well be suffering humiliation. However, David Davis has failed to act like a true opposition on this issue. The government acted illegally, the prisoners acted legally. What part of this does David Davis fail to understand? His line of attack should not have been against prisoners who are being law-abiding, but directed at those who are responsible for breaking the law in this issue. David Davis has only made the situation worse by his senseless remarks which add insult to injury. Is it any wonder that such crass stupidity does not deserve to be in government? Why should we replace one knee-jerking Home Secretary with another, who suffers from the speak first without thinking about it, and without seeking advice from those who know more about the subject?