Thursday, April 22, 2004

Say "Non" to Le Pen

The BNP has invited Jean Marie Le Pen, the leader of the French fascist party Front National to speak at a meeting in Birmingham, Britain's most multicultural city, on Sunday. Unite Against Fascism have called a rally on Sunday afternoon at 3pm in Victoria Square Birmingham to protest against Le Pen and the BNP. The West Midlands TUC and West Midlands UNISON are supporting the rally. The last time Le Pen came to Britain he was driven out by mass protests as the Edinburgh venue cancelled his meeting. this was headline news in france and strengthened the fight against fascism there.

It is perhaps no surprise that he is now fundraising for the BNP. Their leader, (in the)Nick Griffin, denied the existence of the holocaust against the Jews - and that is something which Le Pen has consistently sought to trivialise.

Anyone wanting more info can contact Birmingham Unite Against Fascism on 0783 724 4518