Thursday, April 01, 2004

We're not racist...honestly

Just to follow up on the Michael Howard PMQ's issue. It would appear it is now perfectly easy to spout racist claptrap and get it dressed up in language that will mean you do not get classified as some sort of dodgy Kilroy. Take the repugnant BNP. If you go to their website (wash your hands on the way out) you will see they rarely use the words 'race' or 'black'. All they need to do to stir up the neanderthals is use the words 'asylum seeker' or 'illegal immigrant'. It paints the picture for them and allows them to spout their hatred. Similarly, if you follow the links on Cuthberton's Conservative Commentary, then nestled there amongst the usual Melanie Phillips' and The Bruges Group in the 'great sites' for you to visit you come across Migration Watch UK whose views are best described as like the BNP without the boots. Perversley, Migration Watch UK seems to be Chaired by a former British Ambassador in the Middle East for nearly 20 years, where I suppose he was an 'economic migrant' really.