Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I hate commenting on things based simply on news headlines because they are usually so inaccurate and sensationalised that you often find the truth got lost in the telling somewhere. But as this is a report about the BBC from the BBC, perhaps there is an element of accuracy somewhere. Apparently a 'marketing' professor has been commissioned to carry out an 'independent' review of BBC 3 and BBC 4 and he has decided they are not sufficiently popular. BBC 4, he advises, should stop making arts prograsmmes that virtually no-one watches. BBC 3 should scrap its news programme, whilst BBC 4 should also either scrap or revamp its news programme. Yes... why not fill it up with wall-to-wall 'reality TV' programmes, gardening and house relocation crap, interspersed with brain-numbing soap operas. The news could be revamped Sun-style and have the headlines read by topless models. That'll pull 'em in, eh Mr Marketing Man. Public service broadcasting? Gods teeth!