Thursday, October 28, 2004

It's (not) his Party... and he'll sulk if he wants too!

An egotistic former Labour politician joins an emerging political party and announces his intention to break the mould of British politics…then throws his rattle out of the pram because he cannot have everything his own way. Farewell David Owen, hallo Robert Kilroy Silk. Owen formed the SDP with Shirley Poppins and her mates, and then ended up being sucked into Liberal Party and eventually into the dustbin of history. Kilroy only joined UKIP to publicise himself and because their inherent xenophobia closely matched his extreme views on race. Now if he can’t be the leader he wants to wreck not only the EU… but UKIP too. What’s the chance of UKIP being swallowed up and incorporated into the Tory right-wing? Incidentally, how quaint of the Beeb to censor LBJ's quote about Hoover. He said he would rather have Hoover "inside the tent pissing out".