Monday, May 09, 2005

Anyone for realignment? It would appear the Tories, as predicted by Meaders' mole on Saturday, are going to engage their brains before putting their leadership (s)election into action. That could mean that instead of trying to wallow deeper into the slime occupied by the BNP and banging on about immigration and asylum in the hope of dredging up an extra one or two percentage points, they will challenge the Lib Dems and New Labour for the centre ground of British politics. Should Yeo, Soames and co. succeed, perhaps the interesting thing will be seeing how Labour and the Lib Dems respond. Vince Cable and his free marketeer 'orange book' crowd already want to ditch Chat-Show Charlie, and the rumblings on the Labour backbenches for a more radical direction, indicate they may travel in slightly different directions to meet the challenge. It would be refreshing (although I'm sure David Blunkett would say 'self indulgent') if the debate within Labour was about policies and principles, instead of how best to exploit the half a million or so floating voters. The flip side of Kinnock's dismissal of Militant, (You can have all the principles in the world, but they count for nothing without power) is that you can have all the power in the world, but without principles..... it also counts for nowt.