Friday, May 27, 2005

I wrote the other day about the difficulty of getting hold of anything other than mainsteam music. Well, if you live anywhere near a shop that stocks any sort of 'world' music (a fairly ridiculous title... all music is presumably world music) try and get to listen to Dimanche à Bamako (Sunday in Bamako)as remixed by Manu Chao. I was going to say, if you don't like it I'll give you your money back, but there are some unscrupulous people out there who might try to take advantage of me (and even some people with an appalling sense of taste). Of course, the difficulty is that these days you get little or no chance to hear this sort of music before you buy it, but if you listen to either Andy Kershaw or the magnificent Charlie Gillet (both shows available online for a week... and don't start me off about why those morons at the BBC don't network Gillet's programme) then you'll catch some of these gems on their programmes.