Tuesday, July 12, 2005

David Aaronovitch asserts that "if the jihadists weren't blowing us up, they would be blowing up someone else." It is a notion based upon the 'islamic fundamentalists wanting to take over the world theory', a close relative of 'the commies wanting to take over the world theory'and totally dismisses the notion that actions lead to reactions. Aaronovitch lists the atrocities carried out in the name of al-Qaeda and their associates over the last decade, (and who in their right mind wouldn't condemn the indiscriminate murder of civilians, both here and in Iraq). But as a letter writer to the Guardian (ah, must be a sandal-wearing wooly-minded yoghurt-weaver) today says, ....Dead people under rubble are as dead, and frightened people above it, as frightened, the world over. And the distinction between explosions caused by "a tiny minority of fanatical extremists" leaving bombs on the underground, and distinguished international statesmen ordering them to be dropped on a city from 30,000 feet, is a fine one. I for one, am perfectly willing to condemn the terrorists killing in the name of Islam... but I also condemn those terrorists killing in the name of democracy.

Bush walks the walk... a walk that brings the otherwise unusable word "akimbo" to mind.