Sunday, July 03, 2005

OK... it's not Live 8... but it is a charity gig all the same. Organised in Moseley (or Muesli as we usually refer to it) for one of the most popular guys in Brum. Saxophonist and blues guitar hero Steve Ajao was run down whilst crossing the road a few weeks ago and today saw the biggest outpouring of support for Steve so far from his many admirers. The crowds poured into the beer garden of the Prince of Wales all afternoon as a series of jazz and blues artists played for free the sort of music Steve plays so well. OK... Macca, Bono and Snoop Dogg didn't make it, nor Robbie, Maddona or Dido. But we still had fun in the sun for a real good cause... and someone even paid more than £50 for a special Ajao T-shirt with a zebra crossing on the front and the legend, 'Steve's Greatest Hit' emblazoned across it.

There's another benefit gig for Steve at the Birmingham Jazz Festival on Saturday Night starting at if you're about. Should be good.

Crowds continue to pour in six hours after the doors opened.

Michael Stipe... eat you heart out!