Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The level and standard of opposition within Sandwell Council plumbed new depths last night.The Tories are the largest opposition party and they failed to make a single point throughout the whole meeting. In fact, the Tory leader actually left the Council Chamber during "questions to Cabinet members". It was the equivalent of Michael Howard nipping out for a smoke during Prime Ministers' Questions! The Smiths, (he's the one on the left... physically, that is) for the Lib Dems made a few interventions on minutes of Cabinet meetings, but really it was all pretty desperate. The whole meeting lasted less than an hour and a half... and that despite the fact it was the first full council (other than the Mayor-making jamboree) for months. Surely they must have SOMETHING they want to make a point about.

Still, unbeknown to most of us in the Chamber, deeds of great skullduggery were taking place involving Councillor Macklin, who has recently thrown her rattle out of the pram and deserted the Lib Dem Group. I will put to one side any thoughts I might have had about Mrs Macklin's 'nether regions' but I would love to be a fly on the wall when her complaint goes to the Standards Board.