Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just when the people of Bearwood thought it was OK to relax, Blue Chip Casinos are back with their proposal to convert a local pub in a residential neighbourhood into a round-the-clock casino. They have had their plans kicked out by the Planning Committee. They have had their appeal turned down by the Planning Inspectorate. They came back to the Planning Committee with a modified proposal which was kicked out again by the Committee. Now, for the fourth time in 18 months they are subjecting the local residents to another bout of mental torture by submitting yet another slightly modified application. It is difficult to know which part of "sod off and leave us alone" that these people do not understand. The Government are apparently trying to introduce an amendment to the law to prevent these companies from submitting endless numbers of slightly amended planning applications. The sooner the better! In the meantime, the residents in the north of my Ward are preparing to do battle again on 3rd August.

An artist's impression of the ridiculous Blue Chip Casino