Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Freedom to tether your horse on common land...

Be honest, do you really know where Sandwell is? Well, this week we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the creation of the borough in a local government re-organisation. Sandwell is not the most obscure borough, I mean, where is Thurrock? I could have sworn it was in Scotland.

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary (of Sandwell, not Thurrock) this Saturday the Council is awarding the Freedom of the Borough to three people, Julie Walters (who was born and brought up in my Ward), Frank Skinner (who is actually Chris something or other and used to live in the next Ward) and Cyril Regis who was born in French Guyana, which is not near here, but who made his name hear about 25 years ago. Which should answer the question: West Bromwich and the surrounding Towns.