Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It's alright Ma, it's life, and life only

The Tories are jumping up and down about Blair's visit to Libya to meet with the Colonel. Party Chairman Michael Ancram seems particularly incensed about it. So is his Leader Michael Howard. How dare the boy Blair shake hands with a tyrant who is directly associated with the Lockerbie bombing, they squawk. Is this the same Michael Ancram and Michael Howard who were Tory MPs when Hurd, Channon and their cronies were sitting on Saddam's white sofa flogging him WMD as long as he only used them on Iranians and the Kurds? But just in case you are labouring under the delusion that Tone's visit to Libya is about fostering world peace and bringing the Colonel back into the world community, forget it. Where there's oil, there's muck! "You can be sure of Shell."

In total comparison, the attitude shown by Dr. Jim Squire, whose daughter Flora was killed onboard PanAm Flight 103, could serve as an example to all the mealy-mouthed headline grabbers as an exercise in sheer dignity and understanding.