Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Lies that life is black and white

This week I got a £15 HMV voucher from my daughter (I bought it off her 'cos it was a Xmas present she'd overlooked) and as I'd already pre-ordered the Dylan Live CD I browsed and came across a gem of a DVD. Alan Bleasdale's The Boys From The Blackstuff. Brilliant! If ever historians want to look back on life in the early 80's under the Tories then they could sit down for 6 hours and watch this and laugh and cry with Chrissie, Loggo, Dixie, George and Snowy & company. If we want to whinge about New Labour, and let's face it, there's a fair bit to moan about, we shouldn't forget the Tories and the way they sucked the life out of a generation. And to-day, at PM's questions, Michael Howard fell back on the old Tory cliche of a 'country swamped by immigrants' just to jog our memories of how vile they can be. As ever with the mealey-mouthed, they dress it up a Home Office inefficiency, but how much more efficient would they make the Civil Service with their promise to throw them on to the dole. Errm... this is where I came in.