Sunday, March 21, 2004

The winds of change are blowing wild

As the gales batter Britain I am sure I'm not the only person on the island wishin' and a hopin' that they will rip down the proliferation of mobile 'phone masts that seem to be springing up on almost every street corner. Yes, most of us want the convenience of a mobile 'phone, but I had one ten years ago and still got a signal. So why do we have to have so many of the bloody things now when technology should be improving things? There is a water tower in my Ward which now resembles some sort of mini-Jodrell Bank. I don't know whether these masts damage your health or not, and the 'phone companies assure me they are no more dangerous than your average kitchen microwave oven. Ofcom, the industry regulator, offers expert advice, but also has a disclaimer from any liability. I suspect people remember the decades of tobacco companies issuing their reassuring advice about the dangers of smoking. I've got to say that most of the people who contact me about these masts say that they think Gordon Brown is in hoc to the mobile 'phone companies having ripped them off when he auctioned off the licences. The residents of a small village in Warwickshire have already decided what they think about the situation. Are there any other succesful strategies?