Monday, May 03, 2004

Never mind 25 years ago... remember 1997

Whilst all the Tories are out waving their union jacks and remembering the day that wicked old crone won the general election of 1979, we also need to commemorate the day we threw the buggers out! OK, so Blair hasn't fulfilled the expectations of many of us who lived through the dark 'grabbit' years of Thatcherism, but I only have to look at my own small corner of the world to appreciate the difference. Two of my local primary schools have new classrooms (one is replacing 'temporary' huts which have been there for a dozen years), and we now talk about giving every child computer access at home instead of worrying about whether we have to make cleaners or caterers redundant. We have more police patrols, including new cycle squads, the main shopping street is swept every morning, constituents praise the hospitals and we are having new street lights fitted. I know, I know, I know, people will say what about the war in Iraq. But the Tories would still have done that as well as spent another seven years squeezing the worst off in society.

I hear what people like BykerSink say when they say they won't be voting for Labour because of the damage Blair has done to Iraq... but think of the damage a Howard Government would do to the working class in Britain. So I will raise a glass to seven years of a Labour Government... now its time - in immortal words of Adam and the Ants - to Stand AND Deliver!