Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A few weeks ago Tony Benn suggested that national newspapers should ask election candidates a series of questions to give the electorate some idea of where they stand on certain key issues. Well, now The Guardian has done something like it (albeit only for sitting MPs... and many, including, shame on him, blogging MP Tom Watson, do not seem to have responded). Should George Galloway be elected as Respect MP I wonder if he would turn up to vote more frequently.

Neo-con Paul Wolfowitz, newly appointed President of the World Bank could, according to some, emulate his predecessor Robert MacNamara and move from a White House hawk to a succesful World Bank President. Oh yes? George Monbiot in The Guardian has a different view of MacNamara "He bankrolled Mobutu and Suharto, deforested Nepal, trashed the Amazon and promoted genocide in Indonesia. The countries he worked in were left with unpayable debts, wrecked environments, grinding poverty and pro-US dictators."