Thursday, April 14, 2005

Over at Harry's Place there's a post which uses an interview with former UN weapons inspector and anti-war campaigner Scott Ritter to prove conclusively that the war wasn't all about oil

That elicited this comment from a computer generated blue hedgehog.... which offers an alternative explanation for motive behind the US/UK war in Iraq:

Guys you are missing Gene's point, it's obvious that it was not about oil (despite the fact Iraq has the second biggest known reserves in the world) and we know it was not about WMD's so that leaves.....Sand!

yes it's a little known fact that Iraq has one of the biggest reserves of high quality sand known, sand that can be used for many things like sandblasters and beach creation and, er, well lots of good stuff.

After all surely no-one is seriously expecting us to believe that Bush and Cheney lay awake at night crying at how Iraq was not free and how poor arabs were being tortured by Saddam and therefore spent $200 billion to save these poor people.

So if it's not oil, or WMD's and it was certainly not about freedom I put it to you that all is left is my groundbreaking Sand theory!