Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More Lib Dem lies...

Baroness Shirley Williams was on Radio 5 this afternoon. She was asked whether, as she had got Crosby in her title, she would be keeping a lookout for the Liverpool v Juventus score this evening. A pretty banal question, I grant you, but not as banal as the answer... "I'm doing an election thing tonight, but I will be trying to keep in touch because I think Liverpool United is a good team." Slightly embarrassed, the interviewer pressed on... "Have you been to Anfield lately" he tried. "No" said the noble one, "I haven't been for about 18 months. I like the Grand National and I've been in the past, but I suppose I just watch it on TV like everyone else now."

Roll on an elected second chamber, and meanwhile, God preserve us from politicians who think they have to impress us with their love and knowledge of football, when really they couldn't give a toss.