Sunday, April 03, 2005

I wasn't sure exactly what it is about David Aaronovitch that really gets up my nose. Certainly his so-called "polemic dynamite" can be provocative, but the article in today's Observer really sums up what it is I despise about the nation's most high profile ex-communist come Blairite (or is that Sue Slipman). It's the way he describes the working class as male, right-wing and saloon bar intellectuals... and those who think differently to him as "the British intelligentsia" who are living "in shuttered dining-rooms in Holland Park, Highbury and Kennington, in converted barns in Herefordshire and flagged kitchens in Brittany, in the pages of the London Review of Books and at publishing parties". So, perhaps we should have a little feature in the Observer colour supplement, a sort of "At home with the Aaronovith's" number, where David can show us round his little two up, two down terraced house, coal in the bath, whippet warming up outside etc, just before our Dave gets ready for his Sunday trip down the boozer for a few pints of mild before his roast beef and an afternoon of farting in the armchair watching the footie. Patronising fat get!