Friday, April 28, 2006

Could Steve Bruce manage Brazil?

"You have to ask would an Englishman get the Brazilian job," said Steve Bruce, the Birmingham City manager. This from a man who spent millions of pounds on that proven non-goalscorer, Emile Heskey, and seems destined to guide the bluenoses to their natural place in the food chain. Have not Bruce, Linekar and all the other whingers not asked themselves why Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have only had one English manager between them (Roy Evans for England anyone?) in the last decade. As for Martin O'Neill, championed now by Iain Dale amongs others, what has he achieved in his career? What are his qualifications? Two League Cup Final victories, over Middlesbrough and the mighty Tranmere Rovers as manager of Leicester (where he also championed Emile Ivanhoe (that's his name, honestly) Heskey and finishing first in a two horse race when the other horse pulled up lame in Scotland. Oh, and he lost a UEFA Cup Final. If Scolari doesn't get it, let's give Linekar and Brucie their way. Give it to big Sam from Bolton. I bet he'd pick Ivanhoe to charge about like a headless chicken from Robinson's kicks from goal. And hey, he's English (from Dudley, no less).