Monday, April 03, 2006

Iain Dale writes a witty Tory blog. OK, that's it for this year, I've said something nice about a Tory. He is so much of an insider to the Tory elite, he even attended this bash. A 'celebrity' occasion to commemorate the 60th birthday of one of the Conservative Party's biggest financiers (and given the current little local difficulties they will hope he lasts a bit longer yet). But who put together the list of 'stars' for the poor old bugger. Cliff Richard? Tom Jones? Lulu? Even Ashcroft must have struggled to remember when they ever did anything memorable. Hosted by the world's unfunniest comedian, Jasper bloody Carrot... what a night. Although the prospect of seeing Ian Duncan Smith and William Hague (who no doubt burped his way through another 16 pints) 'hitting the floor with gusto' must have been a true sight for sore eyes.

The real treat is not mentioned in The Times, but among the guests rocking the night away, were the 'cash for questions' couple, the Hamilton's. How appropriate then, that the charity in receipt of the proceeds was the excellent 'Crimestoppers'.