Friday, April 14, 2006

Mad Mel

Just when virtually every other apologist for the theory of Weapons of Mass destuction in Iraq prior to the invasion seems to have thrown their hand in... Mad Mel Phillips has found conclusive proof that they were actually there. According to her reliable witness, crafty old Sadamm... "gave orders that the scientists who had been working on these programmes were to keep their plans, diagrams, formulas, raw materials and everything else in highly secure underground vaults so that they could continue their work the minute they were no longer being observed..." But that wouldn't explain why they hadn't been found by the invasion forces, would it? We must all recall those excitable news reports where WMD had actually been found by troops in packing cases at the back of a farmhouse outside Bagdhad, which quietly dropped off the news a day or so later when analysts revealed fertiliser was used as... fertiliser. Fear not... if you read on you discover that.... he smuggled them out of the country in commercial airlines in the run up to the US invasion. The source for this information is unable to reveal the names of the people who could confirm his story, so, Mel sharply observes... "This obviously makes verifying his account very difficult." Yes, absobloodylutely. Phillips then floors her reliable witness with this killer of an observation: "But in Britain, I say, people now firmly believe that there were no WMD and that we were taken to war on a lie. Sada looks utterly flabbergasted. ‘How can they possibly think that?’ he asks in bewilderment and anger, and puts his head in his hands." Any chance I can get some of whatever it is she's on.

It wasn't the police that did for Capone... it was the tax man. In the same way, if the Labour Pary nor the electorate get Tony Blair first... maybe the world weary detectives will nail him?