Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If 2% of my constituents read Tim’s blog, (although that would be a ridiculously high figure, but hey guys, I’m generous, and it's a very good read, so I would recommend it highly), and 37% of them (the average turnout) bother to vote, and 56% of them are Labour voters (last time around) and half of them were sufficiently persuaded by Tim to take his advice and vote Tory or Lib Dem instead (no fascist here I’m pleased to say…) then I could lose 18 votes this year!!!

But if I don’t get the dogshit cleaned up on the Merrivale Estate, and our local streets continue to be a downright litter-strewn disgrace… I could lose the other 992 votes that also comprised the Labour majority in Bearwood at the last election. So excuse me if I take a few weeks off my strategic bid to persuade Labour members to ditch their leader in the midst of an election campaign. I know, you'll tell me that political parties who show themselves to be fundamentally divided are always on to a vote winner... but I'm not persuaded.

Still, I won’t knock Tim for what he’s doing… because at least he’s doing something! He organises demo’s, he oraganises campaigns for change and creates some brilliant satirical stunts. So if Tim advises people to vote fascist rather than Labour, OK, we’ll just have to live with it. I wouldn’t worry too much anyway, because the fascists are not likely to hang around too long at Bloggerheads to get the message.

On the same theme, I don't think that ‘Dave’ should just dismiss UKIP as loonies or fruitcakes. I barely agree with anything they say, but at least they’ve got the bottle to get on their dogs and DO something, and they are prepared to stand up and put their views to the test.

Must go, time to go canvassing again, and it's bleedin' freezing.