Saturday, January 07, 2006

Does anybody know just exactly how much we cough up each year for "British Intelligence"?“

…..western intelligence agencies say they have tracked Iranian attempts to secretly acquire sophisticated equipment for nuclear programmes and missile development.” (Fuelling the crisis, The Guardian January 5th 2006)

“….a senior British official directly accused Tehran of supplying Iraqi insurgents with sophisticated roadside bombs that have killed eight British soldiers and two security guards since May.” UK accuses Iran over killings of soldiers, The Guardian October 6th 2005)

“Government officials now acknowledge that there is no evidence, or even reliable intelligence, connecting the Iranian government to the infra-red triggered bombs which have killed 10 British soldiers in the past eight months.” (Anger as Britain admits it was wrong to blame Iran for deaths in Iraq, The Independent January 5th 2006)

Your front-page coverage of Iran's alleged nuclear activities suggests that you have not learned the important lessons from Iraq. After recent intelligence failures over WMD, editors should be doubly wary of "leaked intelligence", its timing and the motives of those who provided the information. (Iran intelligence is not trustworthy, Letter to The Guardian January 6th 2006)