Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So, Cameron really is the full Monty... a true Blair clone. Today he is to announce a new Tory policy for the NHS and will admit that the policy they fought the General Election on a few months ago was complete rubbish (he presumably won't dwell on the fact that he was the author of the Manifesto). Like Blair announcing Labour's new Education policy, without any reference to the Party, and precious little reference to the Secretary of State for Education, Cameron doesn't seem to have discussed the issue with Andrew Lansley (who he? I hear you say... well he is supposed to be Shadow Health Secretary). So, Cameron "will stress his commitment to the NHS".... but Andrew is saying "his party would impose no limits on the use of the private sector". Who should people believe? Well, like the Lib Dems when they try to face both ways at the same time.... neither of them!