Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fifth Lib Dem enters Leadership race. Actually, on closer examination, the author of this site is either slightly disturbed or had a drop too much of the Charlie Kennedy's lately.

How refreshing to hear that George Galloway has referred to Denis Rodman as 'bro' in the Big Brother house. Is this how George addresses Maggot or Preston (who? I hear you ask) his fellow inmates in the house, or the 'yoof' of Bethnal Green and Bow. I suspect not, (although no doubt there will be Respect members getting in touch to confirm George's street credentials) but that this is George's way of showing he is hip and can 'talk the talk' in the black man's language. If he starts tapping fists with Denis, rapping or chatting about his bro's natural sense of rhythm I will be truly convinced that this man has completely lost the plot.