Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I had a good day out yesterday at The Hawthorns. There was some 'jovial banter' between the two sets of supporters, but peace was maintained by a line of fairly friendly, but firm, matchday stewards. In fact, they seemed to be responsible for nearly all the security in the stadium despite the presence of large numbers of police officers on duty, presumably as backup in case the whole thing 'kicked-off'. This policing is apparently compulsory and is part of the criteria for issuing a ground safety certificate. When Wigan Football Club objected to the high cost of this policing they were told by the Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Policeforce, "You cannot expect the tax payer to pick up the cost of policing football matches." So... why is taxpayers' money being spent on the policing of this multi-millionaire's wife. Particularly when the multi-millionaire in question tells the taxpayers to mind their own business! "The Public Accounts Committee has pressed Prince Charles to open his accounts to full public scrutiny. But Clarence House maintains that what the Prince of Wales does with his private wealth is his business."