Saturday, May 06, 2006

The coalition tie

I was at the polling station on Thursday when who should turn up bringing his parents to vote, none other than the Leader of Birmingham City Council, Mike Whitby. Mike's parents, like Mike, have far too much sense than to live in Tory/Lib Dem run Birmingham. They all reside in Sandwell. Mike was resplendent in his Coalition tie, which is best described as a sort of washed-up blue with irritating little yellow spots.

Ian Dale has had great fun over the last couple of weeks at the expense of Prezza and his reported antics in the office. Interestingly, I was speaking to a national journalist at the count on Thursday (despatched North to cover a potential victory for the Nazi Party) who told me all is not well in the Office of one of Iain's political buddies. From what he said, although the Shadow Cabinet Member doesn't appear to be having problems in the trouser department, there are other issues about retaining members of staff (allegedly). I can't go into too much detail at the moment (Tories often try to silence these things by issuing writs, knowing you may not be willing to mortgage the house to prove you were right), but the journo took my e-mail address and said he would tip me off if they could stand it up, so to speak. Anyone wanting more details could always apply HERE.