Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The collected thoughts of Steve Freedom (sic) ... or should that be sick!

In a typically thorough way, Ministry of Truth has exposed Sandwell BNP Councillor Simon Smith (a.k.a. Steve Freedom) for what he really is. With views such as:

"The reason why Blacks disproportionately don’t vote is that the frontal part of the brain associated with postponing immediate gratification is not so well developed as in other races.
I mean having to go all the way down the street and marking cross on a piece of paper doesn’t bring sex, drugs or the latest pair of trainers."

It is a long, long post, but well worth the read. I suspect the Sandwell electorate were not exposed to this crap before they voted for him. It should also be required reading for those 'liberals' who thought it didn't matter if a few BNP racists were elected.... as long as you didn't vote Labour, eh?