Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mad Mel

I am reluctant to give any oxygen to someone of such exterme right wing views, but Melanie Phillips does seem to have finally left the Planet Reason. Not the least of which because she holds this potty view that Britain has effectively capitulated to Islamofascists and become the Muslim terror capital of the world, or Londonistan as she calls it. Interestingly, in an article in The Observer, she traces the roots of alienation of British Muslims (which in Phillips' world view is taken for granted) to two events. The Rushdie affair over The Satanic Verses, and the slaughter of Muslims by Christians in Bosnia. Whilst I am sure both of those things have contributed to a degree of alienation felt by some Muslims, it is peculiar that Melanie doesn't give a name check to her favourite government in the whole world... Israel. If there is any single factor which has radicalised Muslim opinion, not just in the UK but across the world, it has been the disgust with which people have viewed the Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people. Instead of delving into that sorry affair, Phillips still faithfully prints trash such as the blatant lies in a recent story that Jews in Iran are made to wear yellow ribbons, which even she was later forced to retract as false.