Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's OK... the BNP would ONLY kill tens of thousands...

Well, some decent knockabout stuff after the last post eh? I don't actually disagree with much of what the people at Blairwatch were saying actually; just a slight difference of opinion on tactical voting. However... one contemptible piece of dogshit (sorry, contributor) who calls him or herself 'goatchurch' is astonishing for a site which has fairly liberal views. Defending his/her stance of encouraging people to vote for the BNP, goatchurch says that the BNP would have opposed the war in Iraq because "...the BNP wants to harm non-whites only within our national borders. How many do you think they could kill? A few tens of thousands?"

In fact, goatchurch uses the very same stupid calculator as Blair, who says that Saddam Hussein would have killed more than the British and the US, so the war is justified. But what I really cannot believe is that some of these people are suggesting it is OK to elect the BNP.... because they would only kill tens of thousands of immigrants in Britain!!!

Well, perhaps the liberals will explain that one to me.

Update: I'm now getting e-mails from the knuckedraggers telling me how much they support 'goatchurch'.