Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Max loves Dave

Max Hastings writing in The Guardian, dribbles and drools unashamedly over the boy Cameron. The response below in the comments section says everything necessary:

"What a load of embarrassing sycophantic drivel. Were you paid to write this? Where's the insight and analysis? It reads like a slavering lobotomised Daily Mail editorial. Cameron is an ad man in a suit who sits down with a coterie of spindoctors to decide what records he'll play on Desert Island discs will hit the headlines. Everything about him has been transparently phoney - from the patronising "cycling to work" and Norweigian glacier photoshoots to his ridiculous attempts to set the news agenda with policy-lite speeches about "wellbeing". Is this the same "Dave" who helmed the last disgraceful xenophobic Tory election campaign that reeked of divisiveness and negativity? Note that whilst Cameron smiles to the camera, the same creepy Thatcherite Tories sit smugly in the wings - Hague, Redwood, Howard. Cameron thinks he's clever, but despite his manipulation of the media he's no intellect and has been clumsily inconsistent. Easy to feel good about life encouraging the plebs to forget money and be happy with their lot when you have millions stashed in the bank, for example. Then gatecrash a tacky Posh 'n' Becks' party."